Kitty Kitty Kitten Tyco

Tyco Kitty Kittens were produced in the 1990s. You can tell what series a kitten belongs to by the type of collar it wears (if it doesn’t have its collar anymore, you can tell what kitten you have by clicking through every single page below).  Alternately, if it belongs in the jungle or is kind of huge or wearing clothes, that might give you an indication what series it belongs to as well.

The first series featured kittens with ribbons of teal, pink, or purple.  I call these the classic kittens.  After that, there was a series that featured hot pink ribbons and lockets (thoughtfully dubbed “With Lockets”), a series with plastic collars in teal and purple (“With Collars”), a series of Jungle Cats (“Jungle Cats”), large sized fluffy kittens (“Glamour Kitties,” because that’s their name), small kittens (“Baby Kitties”), and dressed up kittens (“Fancy Kitties”). Learn more about the different types by clicking the categories below.


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