Surprise Pets

 Surprise Pets are a line of plush toys.  The premise of the toy is that you get a Mommy plush, and inside her velcro sealed belly pouch you will find a number of babies (typically three or four or five, as the memorable jingle from the 90’s tells us).  These are great for cuddling, cuteness, and surprise and excitement.  They are NOT great for teaching biology.

Surprise Pets were produced by Hasbro in the early to mid 90’s, and then by Just Play Toys from 2015ish onward (so about a twenty year gap between runs, not counting an ill advised reboot in between that we shall not go into). Just Play brought back the original face molds of the Hasbro mothers in many cases, which makes them a nice follow up and extension to the original line.  The Hasbro babies have bean bag bodies and more variety (the original 90’s plush are better quality on all counts, go figure), and the Just Play babies have mostly different (less-cute-than-Hasbro-babies-but-still-cute) head molds and cotton stuffed bodies.

Click “Vintage” to see the Hasbro 90’s greatness.  Click “Modern” to see the Just Play 2015ish goodness.

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