Welcome to the site of the Toy Sisters (We are sisters!  We like toys!).  Here you will hopefully find toy guides that will answer ALL your burning questions about EVERY TOY EVER.  Perhaps not quite, as we do not have infinite lifespans of yet, but we are definitely going to tackle some of the large toy lines.  Barbie.  Littlest Pet Shop.  Plus a lot of smaller lines we happen to love.  And some we just like.  And some we want a record of for our own collecting purposes, like when we are at the flea market and wondering, does our doll have shoes and nice hair? Arrrrrgh! Can I really spend this $1 on a gamble???  If only there was a way for me to look at my own toys remotely!!!!  Oh wait…

One of us is a guide builder.  She can’t help it.  She studies and organizes toys, lovingly curating the knowledge of what can be collected and admired and played with.  She has done it for years, and it is time to share that knowledge with the masses.  The other sister is happy to bluster and take the credit.  Because curator sister has been collecting images and knowledge for years, we have pictures we can’t give sources for.  Not collector pictures, typically just pictures from people on the internet peddling wares.  If one of those images is yours, and you actually care and aren’t just an ebay seller who got your $20 and doesn’t give a hoot what happens to the photo after that, please let us know and we will credit you or remove the photo.  And for all of the photos that remain creditless, we thank you invisible photographers.  We hope you got one million dollars for your item.  Unless we bought it from you. 

All this being said, one of the important aspects of this site is that we want to rely on real pictures.  Ones we have taken ourselves whenever possible.  Not stock photos.  Not photoshopped photos.  Not catalog shots in favor of actual toy shots.  In fact, some of the photos we have taken, because we have taken so many, definitely have some rogue spots in them.  Some Barbie hairs have attacked and clung to innocent LPS.  But that’s good, because this way you know you’re seeing the real details!  Of the toy, and the posterboard it was sitting on!  

We won’t be placing value estimations on toys, as that changes all the time, but we are not adverse to discussing it.   We will include links to places where you can purchase or evaluate the prices of the toys seen on this site for yourself.  Most of the time this will be a link to ebay, because whether you like ebay or not (I’m both), it is still the best place to find most non-current toys.

Hopefully we will be making some Toysister Toy Checklists to purchase on Amazon at some point. Because every collector NEEDS checklists. 

Hopefully we will be making some videos to upload and link to.  Because we have A LOT to talk about.

Please enjoy!

We are currently adding truckloads of content, building this site into a resource for collectors.  Come back and see what all we’ve added!