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1985/1986 Dream Glow Barbie AA (#2422)

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This doll was copyrighted / released in 1985 /1986.  To see other dolls from 1986, click here.  She has the Spanish / Hispanic head mold.  To see other dolls with this head mold, click here.  To see other Dream Glow dolls, click here.  Hey Internet!  Looking for this doll?  I’ve… Read more »

1976/1977 Superstar Barbie (#9720)

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In this year, the year of our Superstar, a most glorious thing happened: the Superstar head mold was created, and used to make hundreds of beautiful, gaudily-dressed pieces of magnificence for the next twenty years or so.  Behold, the lady who started it all. This doll was copyrighted / released… Read more »

Littlest Pet Shop #2422

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Hey Internet!  Looking for Littlest Pet Shop #2422?  I’ve got the search all set up for you on:    Toysisters is ad-supported.  When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission (at no cost to you), which helps to keep the site online and updating…. Read more »