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1991 Southern Belle Barbie (#2586)

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This doll was copyrighted and released in 1991.  To see other dolls from 1991, click here.  She has the Superstar head mold.  To see other dolls with this head mold, click here.  This doll was a Sears store exclusive. Hey Internet!  Looking for this doll?  I’ve got the search all set up… Read more »

1976/1977 Superstar Barbie (#9720)

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In this year, the year of our Superstar, a most glorious thing happened: the Superstar head mold was created, and used to make hundreds of beautiful, gaudily-dressed pieces of magnificence for the next twenty years or so.  Behold, the lady who started it all. This doll was copyrighted / released… Read more »

Littlest Pet Shop #2586

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This pet is a G2 (Generation 2) pet.  To see other G2 cat molds, click here.  To see the other G2 cats in the “Persian 1” mold, click here.  To see pets with surrounding numbers, click here.  Hey Internet!  Looking for Littlest Pet Shop #2586?  I’ve got the search all set up for you… Read more »