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1982 Hawaiian Barbie (#7470)

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This doll was copyrighted / released in 1982.  To see other dolls from this year, click here.  She has the Steffie head mold.  To see other dolls with this head mold, click here.  To see this Hawaiian Barbie series, click here.    To see other Barbie beach dolls, click here. … Read more »

1975/1978 Hawaiian Barbie Special (#7470)

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Hawaiian Barbie (the version that comes in this box style) was released from 1975-1978.  Over this time period, there were variations in her face, outfit, body, and accessories.  She was also manufactured in Korea or the Philippines. To see other dolls from 1978, click here.  Hawaiian Barbie has the Steffie… Read more »