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Modern Llamacorn Surprise Fluffy

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Fluffy is a Llamacorn Surprise mommy plush released by the toy line Just Play.  She could come with three, four, or five babies tucked in her tummy pouch.  To see other Just Play Llamacorn mommies, click here.   Hey Internet!  Looking for Puppy Surprise?  I’ve got the search all set up… Read more »

Kitty Kitty Kittens DSI Wave 1

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The first wave of DSI Kitty Kitty Kittens included Tiger, Fluffy, Buttons, Tawny, Calico, and Mittens.  These Kittens can be more difficult to find because they were recalled for contaminated water.   Internationally they came wearing satin bows instead of ribbons.   I have never seen a real (non box back) picture… Read more »