Disney Dolls By Movie

Starting in the 1980s (Bikin Snow White and Cinderella dolls), there have been Disney dolls produced in the Barbie scale.  This became especially true when the maker of Barbie herself (Mattel) got into the game in the early 90s.  Disney continued to produce their own dolls in Barbie scale through the Disney Store, and an occasional other company sometimes gets the honor of a Disney doll (usually through special licences, like for Disney on Ice, or Simba in the European market), so there is lots of fun variety to be had.  Seriously, there’s a lot of different head molds and fun details to examine considering most of these ladies wear approximately two to three different outfits EVER.

In 2016, Mattel lost the Disney license, and Hasbro inherited the honor of filling the aisles with their own fleet of princesses.  They designed their dolls in a smaller scale, with large heads and relatively simple styles.  Because they aren’t Barbie sized, or really in keeping with the older style of dolls, I have chosen not to include them here (except for Hasbro’s foray into the live action Disney movies, with dolls that are more realistic and correctly scaled).  So, for purposes of Disney doll collecting in the classic Barbie size, after 2016 most new dolls come from the Disney Store and stores selling Disney Store dolls.

I have categories for each movie below.  Click to see all the dolls that have been made for that movie in the Barbie scale.  At least all of them that I know of- even after years of research, I still discover new ones sometimes!