Alice In Wonderland Dolls

Behold!  Alice in Wonderland dolls.  There really aren’t that many of them.  Mattel made three (two of which were done on their Skipper doll mold).  There is a Disney Parks doll from the early Disney Store doll days, and the Disney Store made a Designer Queen of Hearts much later, and a collector doll set of Alice and the Queen in 2017.  Our Family Tree made a doll as well, and it’s kind of hard to really call it Barbie scale due to its shortish body and ginormous head, but because there are limited options it makes the cut.  There are also some dolls related to the live action movie that I will try and include later, even though they are not easy on the eyes (straight to clearance, those dolls went, from a price insanely high to next to nothing, just like many peoples’ interest in those movies).