Disney Dolls Brave

The movie Brave was released in 2012, and the dolls started getting cranked out that year for its arrival by both Mattel and the Disney Store.  Much fanfare was made about Merida being a new Disney Princess, she was even inducted into “The Princess Court” in a ceremony in the Disney Parks.  What this primarily means in doll terms is that whatever doll company has the privilege of making the Disney Princess license, they are somewhat obligated to continue making Merida dolls, even though it’s arguable if her movie has the same staying power as many of the other Princess movies, and at least in my observation, as a doll Merida is a solid shelf warmer.  Whereas the Frozen line is withheld from the Disney Princess property, Brave and Merida are firmly encased within it.  That’s good contract writing.  You go, Disney.  You go.


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