Disney Dolls Cinderella by Type

Disney’s Cinderella was released in 1950, but it wasn’t until the 80s that we got Barbie sized dolls (Bikin below).  Then, it wasn’t until the 90s, when Mattel got into the Disney doll game, that we got some more dolls… many, many, MANY more dolls.  The first Mattel face mold (Mattel Classic) was used until the mid 2000s, when Mattel Style 2 finally replaced it.  Then Mattel Style 3 came along, and after a moderate stretch of time, Mattel Style 4 happened (shortly before Mattel lost the license in 2016, so there aren’t *too* many Style 4 dolls).

The Disney Store 1 dolls are the Disney brand’s first dip into their own line of Disney dolls.  Many of these dolls were released primarily in the Disney Parks.  Disney Store Style 2 dolls were released in the early 2000’s and featured new head molds and a variety of dress styles, but they were discontinued after a few years, and then Disney Store Style 3, the current line of dolls, replaced them.

Simba had the license to release dolls in Europe, and release dolls they did, throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s.  They seem to have lost the license very shortly after Tangled was released.  Simba dolls are the ones I know the least about, as they weren’t released in the United States and I have no personal memories of seeing them on shelves or in original packaging.  I only know of what I can find record of online, or what European friends locate for me secondhand.  Or what I randomly find at flea markets, because flea markets sometimes have really strange things.

“Other” Cinderella dolls features the Disney on Ice dolls, which were released by a different license holder, a Cake Topper, and another (possibly Disney Store exclusive, possibly European exclusive, definitely not widespread) style of Cinderella doll.

In 2015, Disney released a live action version of the original Cinderella cartoon movie.  Mattel and the Disney Store both released dolls to accompany the movie. The live action Cinderella dolls, since they are based on source material other than the cartoon, are grouped together.

The other characters from Cinderella are grouped under their name rather than by style, since the non-princess characters generally have much fewer doll releases.

Looking to identify a character other than Cinderella?  I have also put all the other characters on their own pages for easy reference: