Disney Frozen Dolls

Frozen came out in 2013 and was incredibly popular  Popular beyond the point Disney could have expected or possibly even dreamed, despite the fact that Disney is all about the dreaming.  The demand for Frozen dolls outstripped supply for that first holiday season, and the Disney Store Frozen dolls, the only ones out at the time, went for crazy secondhand prices.  The Disney Store and Mattel worked hard to get dolls out to consumers, and get dolls out they did.  Tons of Frozen dolls were produced in a relatively short amount of time.

Frozen dolls are not included in the Disney Princess line, because 1) Elsa is a queen, not a princess, and 2) Disney makes a lot more money on licensing by keeping Frozen a separate property.  Nonetheless, Frozen dolls (so far) get released yearly with the Disney Store core princess line (in additional to other Frozen doll packs, naturally).  Mattel, when they had any Disney licenses, actually produced a higher volume of Frozen dolls than any one princess at the time, in part because Frozen dolls were new and popular and in part because they constituted a separate license/cost.

The Disney Store and Mattel dolls have their own categories below.  Miscellaneous 11″ dolls that don’t go into either category will be located under “Other.”  Hasbro has continued to produce a line of Frozen dolls, but as with all the dolls on this site currently, Hasbro dolls are not going to be addressed because they are scaled differently, and this site focuses on traditional Barbie sized dolls.  

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