Littlest Pet Shop

There are currently four Littlest Pet Shop generations.  The point of separation between generations occurs when there is a very visible style change in the pets. 

Generation 1 pets were produced in the 1990s (first by Kenner, then by Hasbro when Hasbro absorbed Kenner) and are frequently referred to as vintage Littlest Pet Shop.  They are smaller and less stylized, with paw print collars and circle cheeks.  

Generation 2 pets were released from 2004 to around 2012. These pets are notable for their bobble heads, chunky bodies, and sweet eyes.

Generation 3 pets had a short run from about 2011 to 2013.  These pets are the least popular generation.  They are notable for their stick legs and cartoonish molds.  They can be quite frightening.

  Generation 4 started in 2014 and is still in production.  These pets started out with more cartoonish molds (not as bad as G3, but still kinda weird) but have shifted to sweeter looking molds more reminiscent of G2 pets.  They are typically smaller than G2s though, and their heads are typically made of a more solid, rubbery material.

For a discussion about the differences between generations, click HERE.  Someday.

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