My Little Pony Generation One Vintage

Vintage (aka Generation 1 or G1) My Little Pony toys were produced  by Hasbro from 1982-1992.  Ponies released by Hasbro in the United States and parts of Europe are considered the core line of My Little Pony.  The US ponies are listed on this page first, followed by European ponies.

The ponies are placed on this page by year, and within each year they are categorized by series.  Click on a pony on this page to view the other ponies in the same series.  On the series’ page, you can click on an individual pony to learn more about it, its accessories, and its different versions and variations. 

My Little Pony toys were also released in many other countries, under license, by companies other than Hasbro.  These ponies are typically different variations of Hasbro ponies/characters, and these variations will appear or be listed on the page of their Hasbro counterpart.  For the few ponies that have no direct Hasbro counterpart, there is a section below. 

My Little Pony also had sub-lines, including the Li’l Litters (aka My Little Puppy/Kitty/Bunny), My Little Pony Petites, and Dream Beauties.  Links to those lines appear at the bottom of this page.

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Mail Orders (that are not variations of regular release ponies):

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